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Going Green!

 Why go green  Because it is the right thing to do. Going green is the right thing to do for yourself, your family, loved ones and everyone on the planet earth.  Green living is striving to live as environmentally friendly as possible, and also as purely and healthfully as possible. It means making the most of our resources in the most beneficial ways.

Benefits of Going Green

-         - Healthier Homes and Communities

-         - Lower Energy and Water Costs

-          -A Stronger Environment

-          -More Sustainable Cities for Our Future

-         - Tax Benefits

Important information about the green effort can be found at the following links.

 US Department of Energy Recommendations

       energystar-logo                ase-logo

      liveroof-logo            owenscorninggreen


                                     Edible Live Wall

             Residential Energy Credits (Tax Form 5695)